dolphin house marsa alam samadi reef just 12 or 15 min by speedboat from our Diving Center in marsa alam, we are in Tondoba Bay, south of marsa alm, we offer diving and snorkeling. 

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Marsa Alam is a Egyptian tourist city that follows the Red Sea Governorate. It is one of the longest established cities. It began in 1993 through the investment of Arab companies, which has taken over the founding of the city with all its facilities, resorts and infrastructure. 


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Samadi Reserve

Samadi Reserve or Dolphin Hose is a special protection zone 12 km from Marsa Alam, one of the most beautiful and rarest of the Red Sea. It is the largest dolphin reserve in the world and contains more than 4,000 dolphins who sleep during the day between Samadi reefs and swim at night. The history of the region dates back to 1990 or 1993, when tourism began in Marsa Alam. The visitors were introduced to the presence of dolphins in the Samadi reef. In 2002, the number of boats that visited the area increased. All boats were inside the dolphin area and harmed the marine organisms. In order to protect the area, the red plan is to divide the area into three areas, area "A", a dolphin sanctuary designated only for its presence and not authorized by visitors, area "B" is dedicated to swimming and is not allowed on the presence of boats or rubber boats and not Zone C, allowing the movement of small dinghies to connect visitors to Area B boundaries, with shortened visiting hours between 10am and 2pm for surface swimming activity. and until 15:00 for diving activities.


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