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Diving center  Marsa Alam offers diving in Marsa Alam for the best price. Choose from what you want: discover scuba diving, daily diving, snorkeling, dolphin house, specialty courses, diving course from Padi, Ssi, Cmas.  

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Diving Marsa Alam is one of the best and most important places in the world for diving due to the multitude of corals and colorful fish. Many divers prefer to dive in Marsa Alam for many reasons. If we look at diving prices around the world, we'll find it's too expensive. But our English diving club in Marsa Alam offers the best price in this area for excursions and diving in Marsa Alam. Here you can learn to dive cheap and do a diving course in Marsa Alam. 

Diving Marsa Alam offers the property of water to have a clear view of the underwater world from a distance of 7 to 25 meters. This is a very good reason to learn diving at our diving center in Marsa Alam and to do a diving course in Marsa Alam with the clear view for the coral reefs and pleasant water temperatures. Of course, diving can be learned worldwide and the certificate or certificate can be taken, for example in the swimming pool or in the lake. But where is the joy here like on the open water during exploring the Red Sea? Scuba Diving in Marsa Alam offers many opportunities to gain more experience in scuba diving. 

Here in Marsa Alam there are many qualifications to gain experience while diving a nd having fun at the same time. If you do your diving courses with our diving center in Marsa Alam you will get the certificate of PADI or CMAS.

The fun about diving will come when you start reading the book and watch the dive video that you get from our English diving center in Marsa Alam and do some exercises in the shallow water. The time will come to continue on the boat on the open sea. If you start to go under water, you will discover everything underwater, such as the corals, the colorful fish and much more while diving in Marsa Alam from a different perspective.

When you dive in Marsa you will soon enter the underwater world and for the first time experience the difference between life under water and on earth. About the difference and the feeling under water you will immediately experience the special feeling that is offered to you. Once you get that feeling, diving will be a lot more fun.

Understanding our life and underwater life will help you to understand the ritual and the normality of being  taught while diving at our English diving center in Marsa Alam. Have you ever wondered why a boat stays on the surface and something small, like a screw is sinking? The simple answer is that the design of the boat pushes the water to the side and thus reaches the buoyancy, it can remain on the surface. The knowledge of up and down is also the art of diving that you will learn during our diving course in Marsa Alam.

This is just a brief information and introduction to diving and life under water. More experience, tips and information as well as the enjoyment and fun of scuba diving can be obtained by diving courses in Marsa Alam!  

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Diving trips in Marsa Alam 

Marsa Alam has many activities and attractions in the area of ??scuba diving. There are many coral reefs and dive sites in Marsa Alam that can be practiced on the beach or on day trips and weekly excursions.

Diving from the beach like diving in Marsa egla, diving in Marsa Mubarak, diving in Marsa Shouna and diving in Abu Dabbab is perfect in Marsa Alam. Abu Dabbab is a unique dive site with a large number of sea turtles, dugongs and marine organism that arouse the curiosity of divers. 


Daily diving excursions with scuba diving Marsa Alam 

The daily diving trips are for those who want to dive in Marsa Alam and already have a diving license. The daily excursions of Marsa Alam Diving consist of two dives in different locations and one of the best and best known. Elphinstone Reef is one of the most famous dive sites in Marsa Alam and the world. It is 27 km from the coast of Marsa Alam and one of the best diving and coral reef area in the Southern Red Sea. It is located in a very deep water area and this area is known for its shark visits. 


Diving safari egypt with our English diving center in Marsa Alam

Weekly excursions, so-called liveaboards, take place in the north or south of the Red Sea and are only for divers who have a license. You are on the boat all week long, so you sleep and eat there. A diving day consists of four different dives, one in the morning, two during the day and one night dive. There is the possibility to dive with sharks, deep dives, wreck diving, night diving, ... Here you can find the fun. 


Diving courses in Marsa Alam 

Doing scuba diving in Marsa Alam and making your diving licence in Marsa Alam does not mean diving in the pool, but you will experience the color variety of the corals and fish of our underwater world. You will see, scuba diving is fun and this forever! English is spoken in our diving center in Marsa Alam!


Junior Open Water Diver Course in Marsa Alam

The PADI Junior Open Water Diving Course in Marsa Alam lasts 4 days with 7-8 dives and can be made from 10 years old. The depth is down to maximum 12 meters. The children may only be under water when they are accompanied by a certified diver. From the age of 15, the certificate automatically renews itself to Open Water Diver.


PADI Advanced Junior Open Water Diver Diving Course in Marsa Alam

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver Course in Marsa Alam lasts 2 days with 5 dives and can be made from 12 years old. The requirement is the Junior Open Water Diving Course. Junior AOWD course is the continuation and further education of the OWD. From the age of 15, the certificate automatically updates to the Advanced Open Water Diver. Diving depth at Junior AOWD is maximum 21 meters.


Open Water Diver course in Marsa Alam

The Open Water Diving (OWD) Marsa Alam course is the first step in becoming a diver. The following program will be completed in a four-course English speaking course: DVD and dive in the swimming pool or shallow water in the sea on the first day, the other days are spent by diving from beach. The maximum depth is 18 m.

Another possibility is to start the first day with introduction diving and if you have your own computer, we can also give you the DVD on a stick and you can have a look at it in the evening in hotel or we look the DVD together with our computer. The following days of the course are spent at the Diving Center and dive from the beach. Our English Diving Center in Marsa Alam will give you the course book at the first day.


Advanced Open Water Diver course in Marsa Alam

The prerequisite for an Advanced Open Water Diver Marsa Alam is the Open Water Diver Course. The AOWD offers the opportunity to get more dives under the supervision of your guide as well as to increase your self-confidence under water. New skills and knowledge about diving, deep sea diving, wreck diving, night diving, ... will be learned. Here the maximum depth is 30 m.


Snorkeling in Marsa Alam

Snorkeling Marsa Alam - Our tip: Because some divers want to take their family members with them on the boat or on the beach, we offer the possibility also for snorkellers. They come with us and can look at the underwater world with the diving mask, the snorkel and the fins. For all non-swimmers there are lifejackets available.


Introduction diving in Marsa Alam

Our English diving center Marsa Alam offers introduction dives for those who have never dived before and also want to get to know the underwater world. Have you ever wondered how breathing underwater works? Introduction diving in our English diving Club in Marsa Alam is an ideal opportunity to gain an insight into the diving and to look under the water. Gain the first experience in dealing with the diving equipment and get the feeling to breathe under water. Together with our tips of diving Marsa Alam we will explore the underwater world! Introduction diving is also possible for those who come to Marsa Alam for diving without diving license. The most important thing: Diving in Marsa Alam, is fun!


Professional Diving in Marsa Alam

Professional Diving Marsa Alam means for all divers who have a license from the Open Water Diver to the instructor. Since you are a professional diver, we will go together to special places for diving in Marsa Alam. Our program goes from normal diving, to stream diving, wreck diving to deep-sea diving. If you are interested in night diving, we, Marsa Alam Diving, can organize this for you! 


Abu Dabbab Beach or Abu Dabbab Bay

30 km north of Marsa Alam you will find on the southern coast of the Red Sea the Abu Dabbab Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt.

The beach of Abu Dabbab is home to the rays, dugong and sea turtles.

All these factors have made this region a natural resource for many divers and snorkelers from all over the world who want to swim, dive and photograph with these peaceful creatures.


The floor of the Abu Dabbab beach is covered with grass. As the sea weeds and grass begin completely from the shore, from 1 to 2 meters to over 40 meters, this is the most characteristic of the region as other ecosystems.


Elphinstone Reef

The Elphinstone Reef is known for its rich biodiversity and for shark encounters. Such as Tip Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Fox Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks and also the famous Longimanous. The Southern Red Sea is characterized by a number of important dive sites, rare fish and organism.

Due to the frequent prevalence of currents and its perfect location in the open sea, the reef is one of the most challenging dive sites in southern Egypt.

The Elphinstone Reef, also known as Sha'ab Abu Hamra, is located about 20 km from Marsa Alam and is no bigger than 300 meters in length. The walls fall spectacularly far below 100 meters on both sides. A stream dive along the steep slopes, which are covered with soft corals and many fish species, is perfect due to the strong currents.

Barracudas, Anthias, angelfish, groupers, Suez fusiliers, Muraen and much sea is the life that is seen here. Covered is the reef with soft corals and in the north with some battlements. Southern end is an archway at 65 meters deep, on the east side a large drop-off and the west is less steep and sandy.


Dolphin House Reef (Sha'ab Samadai) (Marsa Alam)

One of the great attractions of Marsa Alam Diving is the dive site Sha'ab Samadai - also called the Dolphin House by Marsa Alam. The likelihood is high to find the spinner dolphins living there. Therefore, it is a good reason to make a trip with Marsa Alam Diving there. About two hours from the port, the reef Sha'ab Samadai is located and has a shape of a horseshoe. In the protected lagoon are the dolphins. The actual diving area is formed by coral towers at the southwestern tip of the reef.



Dolphin Reef Marsa Alam (Sha'ab Sataya)

Shaab Sataya, also known as Dolphin Reef Marsa Alam, is located at the southern tip of Fury Shoal off Marsa Alam. The horseshoe-shaped reef was named after the friendly sea mammals. Dolphins regularly frolic in this area. In addition, you can be impressed at various depths of 4 to 40 m of white tip reef sharks, fusilier fish, Spanish dancers and parrotfish.

The dive site is accessible from Marsa Alam by boat from Marsa Alam Diving and is also included on many Red Sea dive safari routes. If you do not want to go scuba diving, you can snorkel here too. 

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